Who Plays Mavis In Hotel Transylvania?

Who is the voice actor of Mavis?

“Holy Rabies!” Mavis Kara Lennox Dracula is the deuteragonist of the 2012 computer-animated comedy film Hotel Transylvania. She is Dracula’s 118-year-old “teenage” daughter. Mavis is totally pampered by her father; however, she is headstrong and smart, and in many ways, a typical 18-year-old teenage girl.

Who made Mavis voice in Hotel Transylvania?

Selena Gomez is the voice of Mavis in Hotel Transylvania, and Umika Kawashima is the Japanese voice.

Who is the villain in Hotel Transylvania 4?

Quasimodo Wilson is quite cunning and unpredictable. He is misanthropic, as he despised Jonathan because he was a human. He wanted to kill him and later expose him to everyone.

How old is Dracula’s dad in Hotel Transylvania?

Character information Vlad Dracula is the former antagonist in Hotel Transylvania 2, father of Dracula, the paternal grandfather of Mavis, the grandfather-in-law of Jonathan and the maternal great-grandfather of Dennis. He is 2000 years old.

How old was Mavis when she had her kid?

Chapter 2 begins “A few years later” (minimum 2, so Mavis must be at least 121 years old ) and is when Mavis announces her pregnancy to her father. This means that by the time of the end of the film when Dennis turns five, Mavis must be at least 126 years old.

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How old is Winnie werewolf?

9 years old In the first film, she appears to be a toddler, able to walk but still using a pacifier.

Is Mavis baby a vampire?

Through Mavis, Dennis is also the great-grandson of Vlad Dracula (his mother’s paternal grandfather). While born showing no vampire traits, by his fifth birthday, he finally grew his fangs and likewise manifested his vampire abilities.

What is the invisible man’s name in Hotel Transylvania?

He is an invisible man whose glasses are the only thing that can be seen. Griffin is one of the many guests that stays in Hotel Transylvania for Mavis’ 118th birthday. He is a friend of Dracula and is funny. He is one of the monsters who helps Dracula get to Jonathan, and he drives the car.

Who did Selena Gomez voice act?

Selena Gomez is a voice actor known for voicing Mavis, Selenia, and Helga.

Is Quasimodo Wilson a human?

Strangely in the original Victor Hugo novel, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Quasimodo is not a monster, rather a deformed human. Despite his apparance, Quasimodo Wilson is likely not a human; he exhibited speed, agility,and strength far beyond those of humans, as well as extremely keen sense of smell.

Who is the bad guy in Hotel Transylvania 2?

Bela is the main antagonist of the Sony Pictures Animation’s 12th feature film Hotel Transylvania 2, despite his small role. He is Vlad’s former sidekick and Dennis’s arch-nemesis. He was voiced by the famous actor, Rob Riggle, who also voiced Aloysius O’Hare, and also portrayed Mr.

Is Ericka Van Helsing in Hotel Transylvania 4?

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Ericka Van Helsing is now in the fourth movie of Hotel Transylvania, She travels along with her stepdaughter Mavis to find out of what was happening to those monsters turning into humans.

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