Question: How To Answer A Hotel Phone?

How do you answer the phone at a hotel?


  1. Answer the telephone promptly within 3 rings.
  2. Make the caller know your work area, your name and offer appropriate greeting.
  3. Always have pen and paper on hand, specially front desk personnel should always be ready to keep records.
  4. Listen carefully.
  5. Make the caller feel that they have your undivided attention.

How do hotel receptionists answer the phone?

Greeting the Caller A receptionist’s greeting sets the tone for the call. Greet the caller with “Hi” or “Hello” Thank the caller. Recite the name of the business.

What are the steps to answer telephone politely?

Answering Calls

  1. Try to answer the phone within three rings.
  2. Answer with a friendly greeting.
  3. Smile – it shows, even through the phone lines; speak in a pleasant tone of voice – the caller will appreciate it.
  4. Ask the caller for their name, even if their name is not necessary for the call.
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How do you answer a call example?

Answering the Phone

  1. Hello. This is Susan. ( Personal)
  2. Hello, thank you for calling [name of company]. This is Susan – how can I help you? ( Professional)
  3. Good morning (good afternoon), this is Susan. How can I help you? ( Professional)

How do I talk to a guest on the phone?

When it comes to using the phone, listening attentively is key. Your guest will be calling for a reason so make sure you find out what that is quickly. Ask questions, be polite and don’t forget to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’.

How do you start a conversation with a hotel guest?

Encourage your staff to start conversations with guests. Ask them why they’re in town and what they’re looking to get out of their stay. Staff can then provide personalized suggestions of local activities or things to see based on the guests’ interests.

How do I wake up in a hotel call?

Manual Process:

  1. Guest can also give the wakeup call request directly to the front office staff at the reception or calling from the room.
  2. Greet the guest as per the time.
  3. Take down the below details on to the wake- up call log book / wakeup call register:

How do you transfer a call to a hotel?

5 answers. You just need to dial the room number that you are trying to reach. If the guest is on the phone or does not answer, the call will route to the front desk.

How do you talk to a receptionist?

5 Easy Steps to Flawless Phone Answering

  1. Greet your caller graciously. “Hello” doesn’t cut it.
  2. Mind your manners. You may be new to the receptionist game, but if you’re nice, no one will notice.
  3. Deflect with style.
  4. Avoid dead ends.
  5. Keep calm and carry on.
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Who is supposed to say hello first on the phone?

2. Immediately introduce yourself. Upon picking up the phone, you should confirm with the person whom they have called. In personal calls, it’s sufficient to begin with a “Hello?” and let the caller introduce themselves first.

How do you answer an incoming call?

To answer the call, swipe the white circle to the top of the screen when your phone is locked, or tap Answer. To reject the call, swipe the white circle to the bottom of the screen when your phone is locked, or tap Dismiss. Rejected callers can leave a message.

How do you end a call?

To end the call politely, try one of these closing statements:

  1. “My apologies once again for any inconvenience. Thank you for your call.”
  2. “I’m happy we could make this right for you. Have a wonderful day.”
  3. “Thank you for calling. We appreciate your business.”

How do you talk to customer service?

Here is some dating 101 for how to communicate with customers.

  1. Going on a first date is incredibly nerve-wracking. You spend a long time picking out the right clothes.
  2. Mind your manners.
  3. Don’t use jargon.
  4. Keep it positive.
  5. Do some Googling.
  6. Avoid conversation killers.
  7. Know when to say sorry.
  8. Don’t ghost them.

How do you answer a phone without swiping?

To access them, open the Settings app and scroll down to the “Accessibility” options near the bottom. In the Accessibility options, tap on “Answering and ending calls”. In this menu, you will have a number of ways to answer calls that don’t require tapping the screen.

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How do you talk on the phone professionally?

Here are 10 steps you can take to practice answering the phone professionally:

  1. Answer by the third ring. It’s courteous to pick up the phone promptly to avoid making callers wait.
  2. Offer a greeting.
  3. Speak with a smile.
  4. Be clear.
  5. Avoid slang.
  6. Be positive.
  7. Ask before you put someone on hold.
  8. Take messages accurately.

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