Often asked: Where Is The Hotel In Thimbleweed Park?

How do you get the map in Thimbleweed Park?

The goal in here is to get the map off the wall, as the Police Sheriff has confiscated all the copies of the map in Thimbleweed Park. To do this, interact with the PoliceTron 3000 on her desk. She’ll tell you she’s expecting a call. Jot down the details of the incident she describes.

How do I get Franklin to leave the hotel?

To fix this, take Ray to the drinking fountain in the lobby. Then follow her with Franklin. Scare the kid first, then Ray, by splashing the fountain. The ghost who is messing with the door will come over and go upstairs, allowing you to come and go freely from the hotel as Ray and the other living characters.

Where is the passport in Thimbleweed Park?

Once they get to the haunted room go to the room with an agent and take the Wrench from their tool bag. Then look at the Room Number on the Hotel Key that you found in the pockets of the murder victim and travel to that room. Once inside simply ‘PICK UP’ the ‘PASSPORT’ of the lamp stand. Now you can leave the hotel.

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Where is the fingerprint tape in Thimbleweed Park?

Go to the mansion and collect some soot from the fireplace and give it to an agent to use with the fingerprint kit. They’ll now be able to use the kit on the glass from Uncle Chuck’s office to reveal a fingerprint. Go grab some sticky tape from the post office and use it on the glass to get the print.

How do you call the lawyer in Thimbleweed Park?

Travel to Uncle Chuck’s room and pick up the receipt for the vacuum puller, the journal, and the cheque stub hidden inside the chequebook. This last item will give you the name of the attorney that you need to call.

What are room backgrounds compressed into?

For the question about what room backgrounds are compressed into, the answer is: C: Character Set.

Is Thimbleweed Park hard?

Thimbleweed Park gives two difficulty levels at its outset — Casual and Hard — that determine how complicated the puzzles are. However, Hard is clearly the way the game was intended to be played. Thimbleweed Park on Casual feels like a game that has half of it missing — because it is.

How do you get the Thimbleweed Park factory key?

Stand near the office and the employee who is receiving the calls. Now switch to Franklin, enter any hotel room with a phone, use “Zap” on it and select Safely First Bank from the phone book. Switch to the character in the bank and take the factory key and animal paperweight.

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How do you get past the lasers in Thimbleweed Park?

Continue to the next screen, which is full of lasers. In order to pass through this room, you’ll need to use the aluminium foil you got from the C4 on the pirate hat you picked up from the office. This will give you the foil-covered hat. Put it on using Delores and walk through the lasers to the other side of the room.

How do I get a blood sample from Thimbleweed Park?

From here, head to the Quickie Pal bathroom (located on the side of the building), push the light switch, and pick up some spare toilet paper. Then head for the bridge on the city map. Use the toilet paper on the corpse to get a soggy blood sample.

How do I charge my Thimbleweed park battery?

Wait for someone to walk through the puddle and follow the tracks through the wood to the “seckrit” meeting area with a pizza van in the background. Here’s where you’ll be able to charge up the battery. To do this, you simply need to use the battery on the electric fence.

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